Hardwood Installation Orlando

Why hire anyone to install your hardwood floors but a hardwood flooring installation expert with skills developed through years of experience? Go with a local hardwood flooring professional that can guarantee a beautiful, efficient and correct hardwood flooring installation every time. Our local flooring contractors, located in Orlando but servicing Windermere, Winter Garden, and surrounding areas, are certified hardwood flooring installers. Our hardwood flooring installations range from unfinished to factory finished hardwood floors, and engineered hardwood to solid hardwood flooring.

Woodruff Floors' team of flooring installation professionals is made up of certified flooring contractors. Our flooring installers are experienced in the primary hardwood flooring installation and laminate flooring installation methods. One of the main hardwood flooring installation methods is by using a hardwood flooring adhesive to glue down the wooden planks. A hardwood flooring adhesive is spread with a trowel to adhere your hardwood to the subfloor. You can find some recommended hardwood flooring adhesives by viewing our selection of hardwood flooring adhesives. Hardwood flooring provides a natural warmth, elegance, and style to a home - nothing truly compares to a hardwood floor. Unlike carpet, hardwood flooring does not harbor those dust allergens or microorganisms being tracked in from outdoors.

Woodruff Floors specializes in many types of hardwood flooring installations; solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors, factory finished hardwood floors, and even laminate wood flooring. Our goal is to provide you with a quality hardwood flooring installation from start to finish. Our hardwood flooring installation contractors will assist you in selecting the right type of hardwood flooring for your home and make the process as seamless as possible. Give our team a call for you in-home wood floor estimate. 

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Staircase Flooring Installation

Staircases are often a focal point and way to add some major character in your home. Your staircase provides you with an opportunity to showcase your personal style and home design - ornate moldings go a long way. The product you install, such as a hardwood, on your steps can impact the flow and feel of your home. We install products on staircases such as hardwood and laminate flooring.

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Accent walls are a great way to spice up any space in your home. Wood floors, ceilings, and walls have conquered the design world due to the uniqueness of every look. You can transform any room with a stunning tile, wood, or stone accent wall. Modern materials such as wood look tile allow you to transform just about any interior or exterior space. You are not limited when it comes to tile accent walls.

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Laminate Flooring Installation

When it comes to choosing a laminate floor or hardwood floor for your home, there are a few key things to keep in mind - appearance, durability, moisture, ease of repair, maintenance cost, and longevity of your new flooring. The laminate flooring installation method is unique in that it requires no glue or other fasteners to the subfloor. There are also water resistant laminates on the market now!