Top 5 Tile Trends for 2019

Tiles are a standard of any bathroom or kitchen design, and how you can utilize them are virtually limitless. 2018 has seen loads of different tile trends appear that provide just about each design style, from modern to traditional. Discover the top bathroom tile trends heading into the new year here.

Honeycomb (Hexagon) Tile

Photo Credit:  Contemporist

Photo Credit: Contemporist

Using honeycomb tiles is a great way to instantly turn an ordinary bathroom into a modern one. When they’re in shades of grey or white you also get the added bonus of creating a sophisticated and modern space.

Hexagon tile can be used in a variety of way in a bathroom such as on shower walls, shower floors, bathroom floor, or bathroom walls.

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tile installers orlando.jpeg

This Opal Gray Hexagon Porcelain Tile from Floor and Decor is the perfect combination of modern style and color.

A tile such as this tile can add an attractive touch to floors and walls throughout your home. Whether you're looking for a simple, clean design or large format design.

A gray or white hexagon tile on the wall of a bathroom can give the space a sophisticated and spa-like feel.

Patterned Tile

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In 2019, you’ll see the reemergence of patterned tiles. Bolder colors of patterned tiles will add a nice accent to a kitchen backsplash or floor. A complex tile backsplash can tie the kitchen together. Love a clean white kitchen but don't want it to feel too plain? A patterned tile floor can complete the entire room. Adding a atterned tile can eliminate the need for any additional color or texture in a space.

Take this light gray patterned tile for example. The white subway tile looks fresh and bright against the attractive light gray pattern.

The floor tile adds a sense of style and flare into an otherwise ‘plain’ bathroom. It keeps the space looking clean, minimalistic, and fun. Add a pop of color with this porcelain tile.

tile installers orlando.jpg
tile installation orlando.jpg

Long + Narrow Subway Tile

Instead of the classic subway tile, this year, long and narrow tile will appear in bathrooms as a sleek alternative. This style of tile is more used in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. By mixing the subway tile with a herringbone pattern, makes for a beautiful (and popular) tile backsplash.

Fish Scale Tile

Fish scale tile first emerged in 2016, but it’s still going strong into 2019. Fish scale tiles add an element of dimension and texture to your space. Add an easy pop of color to your shower (like the one below) or kitchen backsplash without making your space look too boxy. Fish scale tile is often so versatile, it can fit with almost any design style.

Photo Credit:  Construction2Style

Photo Credit: Construction2Style

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Take your pattern to the next level by using alternating colors! Combining lighter and darker tiles adds a lot of dimension.

Wood Look Tile

The absolute biggest trend still in tile flooring, including bathroom tile, is wood look tile flooring. Wood looking tile planks come in a variety of styles and colors, but the most popular colors right now seem to be grays and whites. Wood look tile is very versatile, making their neutral colors work for 100% of interior (and even exterior) spaces.

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tile installers orlando.jpg