Concrete Sealing 


Sealing your concrete substrate protects your new flooring from the moisture that can come from the slab. If there is moisture present in your concrete and you lay a new floor over it, it can cause severe issues with you brand new floor. 

Issues that can be caused by moisture include: 

  • Warpage

  • Gaps

  • Grout Discoloration

  • Grout Cracking

  • Loose Tile and Adhesive

Creating a waterproof barrier between the concrete and adhesive, underlayment, or thin set by sealing the slab will provide you with an additional peace of mind. A product like Mapei Planiseal MSP, a Moisture-Control Membrane, Adhesive Isolator, Sealer, pH Blocker and Primer, protects flooring against subfloor moisture and pH in concrete slabs. 

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